Realtime 3D Simulation of Bird Flocking Behavior

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Live In-Browser Demo

Live Demo requires Unity Web Player (free). You can also download stand-alone executable for Windows/Mac/Linux (Better Performance).


BirdFlock is a real-time 3D visual simulation of birds’ group behavior created in C# and Unity 3D. Virtual birds, like real ones, gather in flocks, avoid collisions with obstacles and with other birds, fly to attraction point, etc. Algorithm demonstrates “natural” behavior of flock in three different environments: flight along predefined points, behavior in a confined space and flight without aims and obstacles.


  • Multiplatform executables: Windows, Mac OSX, Ubuntu and Web Player
  • More than 600 birds simultaneously at 60 FPS (Intel Core i5 2.66 / Radeon 6550M / Stand-alone Windows executable)
  • Real-time tuning of 9 behavior parameters via GUI
  • Visualization of various algorithm explanation vectors
  • Full-featured camera controls
  • Permissive and simple MIT License for sources


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